Pictured: Associate Development Artist Rebekah Suellau moderates the first ever WTP Decatur Arts Critique Sessions, 2019. Featuring Quinn Xavier Hernandez, Emily Kleypas, Minka Wiltz, Megan Poole, Jasmine Thomas and Enoch King.

First Light Series

The First Light Series offers WTP playwrights the opportunity to see a public reading of their new full-length play complete with marketing, a reading in a professional venue, dramaturgy consultation from their director/dramaturg and a moderated feedback session. 

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Classes & Seminars

WTP offers classes, writers’ workshops, seminars, and new development panels to promote playwright education and community engagement, led by nationally-known theatre artists.

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The Table Series

This Series gives members the opportunity to work with a dramaturg on their new play, experience it read by our Actor’s Ensemble with a moderated feedback session afterward.  In addition, this program gives attending WTP members the unique opportunity to get inside the development process by welcoming them into a rehearsal.

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Dramaturgy Services

WTP maintains a diverse roster of professional dramaturgs who are available for one-on-one dramaturgy. While you do not need to be a member to engage our dramaturgical services, we do offer significantly reduced rates as a member benefit.

The New Play Dramaturg

A new play dramaturg wears many, many hats. But in the development world, a dramaturg is your ultimate sounding board, your question asker, sometimes your problem solver, other times the devil’s advocate. A dramaturg  functions as a guide to the play you most want to write, and this guidance will help you best express and communicate the story you want to tell.

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