Working Title Playwrights is a new play incubator and service organization based in Atlanta, Georgia.


To provide playwrights the opportunity to excel at their craft by fostering an environment that nurtures the creation of powerful, thought-provoking and relevant plays that bring new, diverse voices to the local and national stage.



At WTP, we practice active commitment to the following organizational values:

1. INCLUSIVITY. We welcome artists of all backgrounds and circumstances, including but not limited to differing racial and ethnic identities, gender identities, ages, religious and spiritual orientations, sexual orientations, financial situations, and levels of artistic training/experience. We believe difference creates opportunities, not obstacles.

2. BRAVE SPACE. We know that creativity takes courage, and we strive to create a space that encourages challenging conversations in a context of mutual respect. We reserve the right to disallow speech and behaviors that veer into biased judgment or personal attack for the protection of all involved.

3. COLLABORATION. Our collaborative values assume that we enter into creative community in order to learn from one another. Collaboration thrives on curious listening and honest sharing. Both must be present in order to enter true collaboration. The opportunity to grow from collaboration is ever present in all of our programs.

WTP Land Acknowledgement

WTP practices Land Acknowlegements because we believe that in the creation of story, we must uplift the history and legacy of the definitions upon which we build, acknowledging the history we have been taught is false.

I am calling from the ancestral lands of the Muscogee Creek Nation. I want to pay respects to their elders both past and present. I’m asking you to consider those same legacies of displacement, violence, migration and settlement, that bring us here today. Use the chat box to type your name and the name of the ancestral stewards of your home. 

Native land map –

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of Gender Identity

WTP actively practices the acknowledgement of the non-binary in gender identity by requesting that community members attending share their preferred pronouns. WTP believes that acknowledging the ways in which we all identify deepens trust and safety in a room where we hope engaging conversations will be held. Pronoun options for attendees are they/them, she/her and he/him. If you are uncomfortable with labeling yourself, we encourage the use of they/them or ‘Any pronoun’. 


Pictured in banner: The 2018 Ethel Woolson lab featuring the cast and team of Rachel Graf Evans’ PHEROMONE: Amber Bradshaw, Rachel Graf Evans, Pam Joyce, Rebekah Suellau, Diany Rodriguez, Erika Miranda, Anthony S. Goolsby, Ashe Kazanjian, Kelly Criss, Robin Bloodworth, Maggie Birgel and Grant McGowen.