Launched in 2009, the Ethel Woolson Lab is an annual, competitive workshop series. Each year, up to three plays by WTP member playwrights are selected. Each recipient  is given a 25-hour developmental workshop, culminating in a rehearsed, staged reading for the public.

Each selected playwright is partnered with a support team of artists designed for the needs of the play. All readings take place in the Alliance theatre 3rd Floor Black Box.


2017 Recipents

The Club by Sonhara Eastman
March 26th, 7:30pm

Riding Bicycles in the Rain by Erin Considine
August 27th, 7:30pm

Medica by Daryl Lisa Fazio
November 19th, 7:30pm

2016 Recipients

When Things Are Lost by Derek Dixon

Confessions of a Hit Man by Henry W. Kimmel

Time Flies by Sherry Camp Paulsen

2015 Recipients

  • Keester by Pamela Turner
  • In the Garden by Amina S. McIntyre
  • The Nightingale Rose or the Bitch of Balaclava by Patricia Henritze

2014 Recipients

  • The Cannibals by Theroun D’Arcy Patterson
  • Hush Now by Penny Micklebury
  • Empty Rooms by Annie Harrison Elliott

2013 Recipients

  • Death and Interior Decoration by Hilary Rogers King
  • The Golden Glow Tea Room by Robin Burke
  • Legacy by Barbara and Carlton Molette
  • The Liar’s Child by Sharon Mathis

2012 Recipients

  • Orbital Debris by Vynnie Meli
  • Breathe Like a Bandage by Neeley Gossett

2011 Recipients

  • American Dismantle by Theroun D’Arcy Patterson
  • The Jew Catcher by David L. Fisher

2010 Recipients

  • Anthony + Cleopatra UNDONE by Patricia Henritze
  • Evelyn in Purgatory by Topher Payne

2009 Recipients

  • The Birdwatcher by Johnny Drago
  • Ladies in Waiting by Sherry Camp Paulsen
  • Divided Among Themselves by Henry W. Kimmel