WTP maintains a diverse roster of professional dramaturgs who are available for one-on-one dramaturgy. As a member benefit, this service is provided at a reduced rate.

What is New Play Dramaturgy?

The act of the dramaturg solely focused on the development of new plays. A dramaturg wears many, many hats. But in the new play world, they are your ultimate sounding board, your question asker, sometimes your problem solver, other times the devil’s advocate. The new play dramaturg is there to help guide you to the play you most want to write, and to help you best express and communicate the story you want to tell.

Pricing Structure:

Members: $150
Non-members: $200

What does this get you?

  • The dramaturg reads the play and provides the playwright with in-depth written and verbal commentary.
  • 5 hours of time: A written breakdown of your dramaturgs feedback (minimum of two pages typed).
  • One meeting or phone call.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Dramaturgy Services, please contact Managing Artistic Director Amber Bradshaw to arrange a partnership with a dramaturg that will suit the needs of your play: managing@workingtitleplaywrights.com. 

WTP Dramaturgs 

Celise Kalke
Addae Moon
Henry W. Kimmel
Dr. Angela Farr Schiller
Daphne Mintz
Patricia Henritze
Reginald Edmund
Suehyla El-Attar
Neeley Gossett
Pamela Turner
Edith Freni
Carlyn Aquiline
Rebekah Suellau