Launched in 2018, the Table Series gives members the opportunity to work with a dramaturg/director on their new play, experience it read by our Actor’s Ensemble with a moderated feedback session afterward.

This series does not culminate in a finished product, but in a new stage of process: opening up the text to artists with fresh perspectives and the questions of a professional cast. We are excited to offer our members exclusive access into what actually happens within WTP’s new play development spaces.

2022 Table Series will be live in May, June and July at Theatrical Outfit!


Past panelists for the Table Series: Celise Kalke, Greg Carraway, Paul Donnelly, Liz Dooley, Cassie Gonzales, Jean Hedgecock, Sloka Krishnan, Emily McClain, Daphne Mintz, Ibi Owolabi, Theroun D’Arcy Patterson, Lucy Smith, Rebekah Suellau and Michael Winn.

2022 Table Series @ Theatrical Outfit

MAY 17: Epidermis by Nathan Jerpe, Dramaturg/Director Jim Davis

MAY 24: Ada’s Husband Passed by Dr. Carlton Molette, Dramaturg/Director Addae Afura Moon

JUNE 14: Better Dead Than Alive by Hank Kimmel, Dramaturg/Director Lauren Morris

JUNE 28: Spicy White by Quinn Xavier Hernandez, Dramaturg/Director Sofia Palmero

JULY TBA: Salvage by Mary Lynn Owen, Dramaturg/Director TBA

2020 Virtual Table Series

JULY 29: Copper Angel By Emily McClain, Dramaturgy by Rebekah Suellau
During WWII, American artist and sculptor Anna Coleman Ladd travels to France with her husband, and is deeply impacted by the men she meets at the hospital that are coming home from war. She learns how to create facial masks for the men sustaining disfiguring facial injuries, despite the misgivings of her husband and the lack of trust from the men she seeks to treat. This play explores the journey of healing our wounds, seen or unseen.

AUG 25: Chorus of Bears by Lucy Smith, Dramaturgy By Amber Bradshaw
A one-woman show about motherhood, mystery and the animal kingdom. A woman becomes a mother and it connect her to more than she could ever imagine. She asks th audience, herself and the Chorus of Bears to help her transform and surrender to who she is in order to meet the calling of love and forgiveness.

SEPT 29: Red Summer by Theroun D’Arcy Patterson, Dramaturgy by Addae Moon
A little light shines on a memory: a boy stands nervously on a mound of sand, self-conscious and sixteen years old in a hand-me-down swimsuit. Sea birds cast shadows. The slow swell and crash of the ocean fills the space. The boy kicks off his shoes and rushes to the water’s edge. Suddenly, in the water, is a beautiful white woman wearing a white swimsuit and cap. The boy freezes; terrified. It is summer…1919.

DEC 1: Harina Pan by Sofia Palmero, Dramaturgy by Kathryn de La Rosa
When Mariana sneaks out of her house in the middle of the night to meet up with the alluring, non-binary Ryan, three things happen: her first kiss, her first gay panic, and her first time getting caught sneaking out. But when the cops show up, Ryan bails, leaving Mariana to deal with the aftermath when her mom comes to get her. Harina Pan is a coming-of-age story about queerness, Latinidad, and the power of truth and love.

2019  Table Series
at the Synchronicity Annex

OCT 1: Maybe Politics Are Over by Sloka Krishnan, Dramaturgy by Amber Bradshaw
In a world too much like our own, four politicians jockey for power and grapple with desire; three women fight passionlessly for change they can’t envision; and three outcasts retreat to the woods to find peace they can’t in good conscience sustain. Moving with the lightning speed of the twenty-four-hour news cycle, rich with music and movement, filthy with sex and boiling with rage, Maybe Politics Are Over renders catharsis at its most confrontational.

NOV 12: Tragedy at 236 Tigerlily by Greg Carraway, Dramaturgy by Rebekah Suellau
On a cold, snowy Friday evening, in a modern working class neighborhood, a police car pulls up to the house that sits smack in the middle of a collection of bungalows. As more police cars, ambulances, a crime scene van and an officer named George Washington crowd up in front of the house at 236, neighbors Charles, Jack, Kyle and Lydia crowd up in Scott and Javier’s living room window. They gawk, gossip, and knock back tequila shots, gradually revealing a web of secret entanglements with the shunned neighbors at 236 that could implicate each one of them in the tragedy.

DEC 9: Circumschism by Roger Stroud, Dramaturgy by Mira Hirsch
On the eve of a pivotal convening of the leaders of the first church, future saints Peter and Paul, along with Mother Mary and Jesus’ brother James, meet in the Jerusalem home of a wealthy patron to debate the church’s prospective course. Wine is served, seductions are made and matters of both flesh and faith are fervently argued as this extraordinary assemblage of leaders determines the very future of Christianity.

2018  Table Series

AUG 21: The Virgin Wild by Daniel Glenn  Dramaturgy by Rebekah Suellau at The Windmill Arts Center
The American frontier is abuzz when the Deflowerer, a mysterious middle-aged blind man, comes with his eunuch sidekick all the way from France to perform a public service and collect the maidenheads of eligible bachelorettes. But the work stalls when a callow fellow named Widward appears, claiming to be the man’s son. Loss of innocence moves from the personal to the political in this sex comedy parable, which offers a vision of a country spiraling out of control as hearts struggle to keep pace with the changing world around them.

SEPT 23: Son of the Father by Ian Gibson Dramaturgy  by Mia Kristin Smith at Actor’s Express
What if Mary lied? Son Of The Father comedically blasphemes the story of Jesus using characters we know and love. Mary and Longinus are in love – but Mary is being forced to marry Joseph. Things get complicated and stories are…made up. Everything that happens in the bible happens in Son Of The Father, but for entirely different reasons. Son Of The Father tells a story we know well, in a way that we would never expect. Come prepared to laugh so hard you cry.

FEB 11: The Rake’s Progress by Hank Kimmel Dramaturgy by Celise Kalke at Synchronicity Theatre
At the reading of a will, attorney Marvin Schwartz expects to get what’s coming to him – as others conspire to keep it from him in this full-length comedy about how the quest for money distorts, emboldens and transforms.