The Table Series will now be a primarily virtual series. 4-5 recipients will be accepted for the 2020 Series. Announcements to come in June.

This Series gives members the opportunity to work with a dramaturg on their new play, experience it read by our Actor’s Ensemble with a moderated feedback session afterward.  In addition, this program gives attending WTP members the unique opportunity to get inside the development process by welcoming them into a rehearsal.

2019  Table Series
at the Synchronicity Annex

OCT 1: Maybe Politics Are Over by Sloka Krishnan, Dramaturgy by Amber Bradshaw
NOV 12:  Tragedy at 236 Tigerlily by Greg Carraway,
Dramaturgy by Rebekah Suellau
DEC 9: Circumschism by Roger Stroud,
Dramaturgy by Mira Hirsch

The Table Series does not culminate in a finished product, but in a new stage of process: opening up the text to artists with fresh perspectives and the questions of a professional cast. We are excited to offer our members exclusive access into what actually happens within WTP’s new play development spaces.

Attendance open to WTP Members and Playwrights’ Guests Only.

Please note: this is a development opportunity, not a showcase for a finished product. 

Submissions DEADLINE 2020: MARCH 30th

Receipt of submission will be electronically acknowledged. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. WTP is committed to conducting up to three Table Series readings per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Submission Criteria:

Expectations of the playwright:

  • This is a one night event. The actors and dramaturg will have the opportunity to review the script in advance, but no rehearsals will be conducted. The play will be read at a table with the dramaturg and playwright.
  • Rehearsal time commitment for all artists involved: 5-6 hours.
  • Playwrights must still be a member in good standing by the date of the event.
  • Playwright agrees to cooperate and consider the input from the entire artistic team — which will include Dramaturg and Actors provided and cast by WTP.
  • Playwright will be expected to provide electronic scripts to the the artistic team at least a week in advance.
  • Playwright understands that this is a closed reading series. Only WTP members and selected guests of the playwright will be invited.
  • Playwright must be willing to double cast where suitable.  Playwright will be encouraged to provide casting options, but final casting will be the decision of WTP’s artistic team.

What WTP will provide:

  • The funding for all artistic personnel — actors, playwright and dramaturg.
  • Hard copies of the script will be provided to the artistic team.
  • Space for the table reading to take place.
  • A dramaturg to conduct a feedback session and manage the evening.

2018  Table Series

August 21: The Virgin Wild by Daniel Glenn  Dramaturgy by Rebekah Suellau at The Windmill Arts Center

September 23: Son of the Father by Ian Gibson Dramaturgy  by Mia Kristin Smith at Actor’s Express

February 11: The Rake’s Progress by Hank Kimmel Dramaturgy by Celise Kalke at Synchronicity