WTP offers classes, writers’ workshops, seminars, and new development panels to promote playwright education and community engagement, led by nationally-known theatre artists.

Past teaching artists have included Justin Anderson, Carlyn Aquiline, Freddie Ashley, Reginald Edmund, Erik Ehn, Lauren Gunderson,  Edith Freni, Patricia Henritze, Celise Kalke, Henry W. Kimmel, Vynnie Meli, Carlos Murillo, Topher Payne, Dr. Angela Farr Schiller, and Pamela Turner.


APRIL 27, 3:30-6:30PM & 28, 1-4PM: How To Break The Rules Of Playwriting with Terrence Chisholm

Class description: Limited to 15 students. Determine what the rules are. Then break them.

COST: Students must attend both sessions.
$75 for members/$125 for non-members

Please RSVP to managing@workingtitleplaywrights.com to reserve your seat. Students will be expected to purchase their seat in order to RSVP for the class. This class is limited to 15 participants.

WTP is an inclusive organization. If you have need for financial assistance, please do contact M/AD Amber Bradshaw at managing@workingtitleplaywrights.com

LOCATION: The Windmill Arts Center, 2823 Church St,East Point, GA 30344

PAST Master Classes

JAN 26, 2-5 & 27, 12-3, : 7 to 12 Minutes; Play Beginnings with Celise Kalke

Class description: This class will explore the beginning of a play and how it charts the course for the entire length of the journey. Students will bring in 7-12 minutes of the beginning of a personal play of their choosing and Celise and the class with edit it together.

“Afrocentric Theatre” with renowned scholar Carlton W. Molette, Ph.D. Carlton has over 50 years of teaching experience and a roster of well-known former students like Pearl Cleage and Samuel L. Jackson. Learn more about the world of Afrocentric Theatre, expand your world view, evaluate and improve your work, and learn the tools to appropriately dramaturg other’s work.

SAT/SUN, August 18 & 19: 1-5

“Community & Collaboration” with nationally renowned devising artist Mark Valdez.

In this single session class, Mark Valdez will discuss his work in and with communities in Atlanta and across the country. The session will cover examples of past projects as well as offer tools and practical strategies for community engaged work. Attendees are encouraged to bring in ideas and questions you might have on community engagement that you’d like to discuss or develop.

Tuesday, August 14 6:30-9:30

“Exploring Structure”
with Freddie Ashley; Artistic Director of Actors Express and past Alliance Theatre Literary Manager and Dr. Angela Farr Schiller; KSU professor, director and resident dramaturg with a doctorate in Theater and Performance Studies.

Explore the ways culture can influence dramatic structure. We will examine different plays by authors of various backgrounds and cultural groups, unpacking the shifting expectations of what makes sound dramatic storytelling in a more inclusive world.

Session 1: Saturday, April 14th, 1-5pm
Session 2: Sunday, April 15th 12-4pm


“The Path of the Playwright”
with special guest Edith Freni. Freni has a BFA and MFA from NYU’s Department of Dramatic Writing and a long resume of fellowships, residencies, awards and development experiences she has been awarded by prestigious theaters such as Steppenwolf, Ensemble Studio Theater and Actor’s Express, to name a few.

Session 1: Saturday, February 10th, 1-4pm
Session 2: Sunday, February 11th, 1-4pm

Session One: Get Out of Your Own Way
On day one, we will collectively explore our own emotional, intellectual and craft blocks that keep us from starting, finishing and polishing our plays; learn a variety of tools for outsmarting our inner critic by answering pivotal story questions before we start; and troubleshoot specific ideas for plays we’ve been meaning to start but for whatever reason, haven’t yet.

Session Two: A Writer in Motion Stays in Motion
There are numerous differences in how we workshop a complete draft versus how we workshop in process work. In session two, we will explore effective methods for workshopping your play as you’re writing it so that you can move full speed ahead to a finished first draft without being sidelined by too much internal and external noise. We’ll look at ways we can self-advocate as well as the importance of creating safe, constructive spaces for our fellow artists.

“Contemporary Dramaturgy and the Playwright-Dramaturg Relationship”
with special guest Carlyn Aquiline from Pittsburgh, PA; a national new play dramaturg, Carnegie Mellon University Professor and the recipient of the 2015 Frankel Award, honoring outstanding commitment to new play creation.

Session 1: Saturday, September 2nd, 12-3pm
Session 2: Sunday, September 3rd, 12-3pm

Session 1: Contemporary Dramaturgy the Role and the Outlook
Contemporary arts and entertainment organizations have come to
recognize the value of dramaturgy to their work, leading to dramaturgs
working in many creative positions. So why do so many people still identify the dramaturg only with research, and dramaturgy only with program notes and talkbacks? This class will look at theatre dramaturgy from several angles to consider the larger role dramaturgy plays in contemporary theatre and to explore dramaturgy as a way of thinking that can benefit all artists in the creative process. The class will include practical exercises, group discussion, and case studies, but participants should feel free to come with questions.

Session 2: Creative Allies: The Playwright-Dramaturg Relationship
This class addresses the give-and-take process when playwrights and dramaturgs work together on new works. What does a dramaturg do in working on a new play with a playwright? What’s the playwright’s end of the deal? Can you dramaturg your own work or someone else’s? Discussion, exercises, and case studies will demystify new play
dramaturgy and dramaturgs, and dispel the lingering myths about playwright-dramaturg relations that can undermine successful collaboration.

Students who take this class will be considered for hire as WTP new play dramaturgs. We hire between 10-15 dramaturgs per year. If you are interested in this opportunity, please let us know when you RSVP.

“Playwriting as Activism”
with Special Guest Chicago Dramatist resident playwright and Managing Curating Producer of Black Lives, Black Words International Project, Reginald Edmund

Saturday, June 17th, 12-4pm.

This class will explore

•the history and relevance of playwriting as activism
•the role of playwright in community activism as preacher, politician and prophet
•examples of contemporary playwriting as activism
•the five types of people needed for revolution
•the history and dialogue of political theater
•Edmund’s personal journey as a playwright as well as examples of his own playwriting
•Overall vocabulary and formula for playwriting

The final hour of class will be reserved for writing exercises lead by Edmund, focused on examining the events taking place in our communities that concern us


From Writing to Developing Your Play
with Alliance Theatre Director of New Projects, Celise Kalke.
April 13th, 7-9:30pm. This class is one session.

This class will explore development – the process of taking a finished or almost finished draft of a play to the next level (ideally headed for production). The class will cover development on your own, in a workshop setting funded by someone else, applying for development help, listening to notes, learning to listen for cuts and professionalism. We will focus on these subjects but please feel free to bring in concrete questions for the class to discuss as a group.

Pictured in banner: Celise Kalke teaching “Accessing the National Marketplace”.