Held on the first and third Monday of each month, Monday Night Development Workshops are free and open to theatre artists. Our first live session will be August 16th.

MNDW is our core play development program. WTP member playwrights may submit an excerpt of their work to be read by members of the WTP Actor’s Ensemble and critiqued in a moderated session. The feedback is provided by all who attend, both WTP members and affiliate artists. Below are the WTP GOLDEN RULES for moderation and audience engagement.


At the recommendation of medical professionals, we are requiring masks for all attendees and spaced seating at 6 ft. Horizon has generously agreed to host us in their theatre so that we have the opportunity to space out. Actors will be provided plastic masks so that their faces are visible. 

VIRTUAL MNDW will be August 2nd. If you are unable to attend the live session, we hope you will join us virtually.

Thank you to Horizon Theatre for being our temporary host!

Pictured above: Scenes from MNDW in the Atlanta Children’s Theatre 2019.
Photo credit: Danyale Taylor

This community has been energizing for me. It’s stimulating for me as an artist to be around like-minded people that are committed to the craft”.
-Dana Stringer, WTP Playwright

WTP GOLDEN RULES for feedback and moderation

  1.  Raise your hand to speak.
  2. Snap if you agree.
  3. Be constructive. Be courteous.
  4. Avoid using the words “like” and “dislike.”
  5. Avoid suggestions on how to rewrite the play.
  6. Speak from I.
  7. Be mindful of the potential gap between intention and impact.

Once you’re an official member of WTP, you’ll receive an email once a month from the Managing Artistic Director requesting submissions for MNDW. The Call for Submissions is sent out mid-month. That email will include a submission form and detailed instructions. Up to three pieces can be read and discussed in one night. There is no selection process for MNDW. All members are welcome to submit.

Some things to consider when submitting to MNDW:
– WTP Monday Night Development Workshops are founded in feedback, inclusion, and collaboration. 
– MNDW is not a juried or selection process, all members are welcome to submit.
– A submission does not guarantee a reading this month.
– There is no restriction to how many times you submit to MNDW.
– We strive to create a bold and brave space for artists to develop their work. To maintain this framework, intense content should be carefully considered and purposefully utilized.
– If your submission contains intense content, you may be contacted by a dramaturgical reader in an effort to support your work in the development process.


MNDW is open and welcoming to all theatre artists. We value a diversity of voices in the room. This is a service of WTP, so you must be a member to submit your work to be read.


Zoom/Horizon Theatre in the Little 5 Points Community Center at 1083 Austin Ave