Find a writers group

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, however, I’ll say it again; every writer should join a writer’s group! That doesn’t mean you have to write in a group setting, but you should find a way to receive feedback from experienced writers on your work; be it theater, television or features. For instance, I belong to a writer’s group that consists of NYU Alumni. We meet every other Sunday and provide notes on each other’s work. As a group, we are familiar with each other’s style and tone. We’re also not afraid to be direct, yet courteous with each other, which is important. I’d suggest you find a group that’s honest and brave with their comments too. If your group only sings your praises, you’re in the wrong setting. Trust me when I say there’s no such thing as a perfect writer. Writers groups, or shall I say, "writer’s communities" exist to strengthen your story. Join one you trust, and then build your story brick by brick with your "community" by your side. It’s the best way to ensure your story is on solid ground.


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