Ethel Woolson Lab – “The Work”

As a recipient of the lab, I was assigned a producer (Amber Bradshaw), a dramaturg (Addae Moon), and director (Justin Anderson). Collectively, they provided notes to shape what I had on the page. In addition, they helped to keep my thoughts in line with what I was hoping to accomplish with the script. With guidance, I wrote, re-wrote, wrote, re-wrote, wrote, and re-wrote some more. It was a tough process, especially since I never share first drafts of my work with anyone – unless, it’s a few pages at a time. I had to quickly get over the thought of people reading or judging my work in its infancy stage. The great part of the journey is that I had an incredible team who pushed me to the finish line. In fact, their encouragement was the fuel I needed to continue writing through rehearsal week, which was hard; however, I was committed to getting everything I could out of the lab.


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