Ethel Woolson Lab – “The Call”

On the evening of February 2nd, 2017, I received a call from Amber Bradshaw, Managing Director of Working Title Playwrights. It was here that I learned my play; The Club was selected for the Ethel Woolson Lab. I was elated to have been chosen for this competitive workshop. I also knew that I’d finally have to focus on writing the play, which was only a quarter completed. That meant no more excuses. Not only that, but the pages that I wrote had to be re-written as I was introducing new characters. I was basically starting from scratch, which was exciting, yet scary. Before our call ended, Amber said, “you’re going up first and the reading for The Club will take place sometime in March; when can you have your first draft?” I said, “I’ll have something to you in two weeks.” Panic immediately set in and I knew I had to work tirelessly to show myself worthy of being a recipient of the Ethel Woolson Lab.


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Hello! I am a current Rhame Recipient. Please follow our posts.

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