August Compton Blog Entry #2

Earlier this week, I attended a First Light Reading for Amina McIntyre’s “That What Buried” at the Alliance. Amina is someone I met through the apprenticeship program at Horizon, as she is also an alumni and a fellow playwright. I’ve been excited for the opportunity to hear her work, and when I found out that it would be read as part of WTP’s First Light series, I couldn’t wait to go. (It didn’t hurt that one of my favorite actors, Brittany Smith, was also in it!)

I’ve been to a handful of other readings hosted by WTP, but this one was truly inspiring. The room was PACKED. So many people came out to support Amina and her cast and, honestly, it was a beautiful thing. After a few months of feeling in a slump about my own writing, it was inspiring to see that so many people not only want to hear new work, but fully support it. The feedback and encouragement she received reminded me what a great community we have here, and it was really something to see.

As a playwright, sharing my work is often the scariest thing, especially when I feel it’s not fully ready yet. But I’ve learned that it shouldn’t stop me –– and I don’t want it to, or any other writer, for that matter –– and this was proof of that.

Also, Amina –– fantastic job! This was a great play, and I was truly invested in it.

– August

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