Whenever I write, I write from former experiences that have touched my soul. It results in the discovery of stories from the past in which my ancestors wondrously emerge as the focal point. It’s a journey that I’ve been on for some time now. I call it the art of breathing life into lifeless vessels through the stroke of a pen, or in my case, a keyboard! When doing so, my storytelling immediately meets the needs of the masses. Then, as if I scripted the words, I see Viola Davis speech at the Oscars. She says, “exhume the bodies – exhume those stories – the stories of the people who dreamed big and never saw those dreams to fruition.” Her statement wholeheartedly exemplifies my writing style – I’m an unashamed grave digger awakening those dead voices. So, thank you Mrs. Davis, your words were much needed and have fueled my soul to continue the journey as a writer. – Sonhara Eastman

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