Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

As an artist, have you ever had one of those moments when you were like, “Screw it! I can’t do this ‘artist’ thing anymore. This is for the birds!”

I’ve had a few of those over the past couple months. Constantly, I’m fighting that inner struggle between pursuing my passion and eating.

Food wins almost every time. Let’s be very clear from the start, I am not the ‘starving artist’ type.

So, when you come to that crossroad, what do you do? What drives you? What keeps you motivated? I’ve asked those questions a lot because despite the frustrations of hard moments, writer’s block, or just lack of determination, I never could fully bring myself to throwing in the towel. I threaten, I puff up my chest and act big and bad, but, I can’t really do it. What else would I do? I’ve talked about passion before. When you have a strong desire to pursue that one thing that pushes you, everything else seems “not good enough”. You don’t want to settle. And why should you? If that desire still burns then you can’t stop.

I have temporary moments of defeat. We all do. If you didn’t, I’d be concerned. It’s a part of the journey and process. It’s a matter of chasing what shapes you. And with all of the cliché quotes I could drop, I won’t. Let’s be honest, they don’t always help. But, I will say, it’s worth it…maybe that was a little cliché, but, it’s true.


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