The First Light Series will be postponed until 2021.

The First Light Series offers WTP playwrights the opportunity to see a public reading of their new full-length play complete with marketing, a reading in a professional venue, dramaturgy consultation from their director/dramaturg and a moderated feedback session. 


2019 Recipients

Fidget & Tildy by Liz Dooley

Since J.M. Barrie first wrote Peter Pan in 1904, thousands of children have hoped to someday be spirited away to Neverland. Fidget and her sister, on the other hand, just want to get out. Unfortunately, they refuse to do so without first finding and rescuing their brother, who they believe to have been abducted by pirates. FIDGET AND TILDY is a look at the difference between fear and cowardice, and what it means to refuse to grow up.

Lady Parts by Mary Lynn Owen

Nella, a fifty-ish talent agent, spends her days talking actors into stereotypical film roles and her nights talking her husband, Sam, into looking up, just once, from his IPad. Her mother has recently died on a “lifestyle” cruise, and a medical diagnosis of her own has shown Nella just how dead she is herself – in every way.  A confession to her sister, Charlotte, unleashes a torrent of Scrabble Tiles during the weekly Scrabble Game, and sure enough, sisters Charlotte and Carmen have secrets too.  It’s the perfect time for Eleanor Roosevelt to visit. And for life and death to take a sexy turn.

2018 Recipients

We the Village by Dana Stringer, October 8th at Horizon Theatre Company


In the late 90s, inside a public housing project, a popular drag queen and his twelve-year-old neighbor form a special bond. But when suspicion and false accusations emerge, the friendship ends and the two part ways. When their paths unexpectedly cross twenty years later, the reunion proves to be something they both need. We the Village tells the poignant story of second chances and families we choose.

Jamie’s Visit by Jean Armstrong, November 27th at Theatrical Outfit

For years, the avoidance of a family secret has been tearing David and Muriel apart and keeping their son, Jamie, at a great distance. When Jamie and a friend are guilted into visiting, the secret is finally revealed, to Muriel’s horror and Jamie’s bewilderment.

Flaming Out by Erin Considine, December 10th at Out Front Theatre Company

Flaming Out is the story of Hunter, a successful but out-of-control starlet. Hunter moves from her small hometown to New York City looking for her one big break. Instead, she bucks harassment in the Hollywood system only to watch her successful career, and her hair, go up in smoke.

Open to the Public. Free Admission.

Receipt of submission will be electronically acknowledged. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. WTP is committed to conducting up to three First Light readings per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Please note: this is a development opportunity, not a showcase for a finished product. 


Submission Criteria:

  • Plays must be complete – and will be reviewed and chosen by a panel of no less than three professional theatre artists.
  • Synopsis (100 words or less), Bio (100 words or less) and headshot.
  • Playwrights must use the Playwright’s Center for a script formatting reference:

Expectations of Playwright:

  • Rehearsal time commitment for all artists involved: 10 hours. This includes one 5-6 hour rehearsal and 4-5 hours for the reading. Please note: this does not include time spent by the playwright on re-writes.
  • Playwrights must still be a member in good standing by the date of the event (if membership has lapsed, playwright must renew).
  • Playwright agrees to cooperate and consider the input from the entire artistic team — which will include Dramaturg, Director, Stage Manager and Actors provided and cast by WTP.
  • Playwright will be encouraged to do re-writes before the rehearsal.
  • Playwright may be encouraged to have an early read-through, at the directors discretion, that is not included in the time commitment stated above.
  • Playwright will be expected to provide electronic scripts to the the artistic team at least a week in advance.
  • Playwright must provide hard copies of the script (single-sided) to the artistic team at the first rehearsal.
  • Playwright must be willing to double cast where suitable.  Playwright will be encouraged to provide casting options, but final casting will be the decision of WTP’s artistic team.

What WTP will provide:

  • Marketing via email and Facebook
  • Graphics and playbill
  • The funding for all artistic personnel
  • Space for the reading to take place
  • A dramaturg or director to conduct feedback session

Our generous First Light Series theatre partners include Actor’s Express, Stage Door Players, Horizon Theatre Company, Synchronicity Theatre, Out Front Theatre Company, the Alliance Theatre and Aurora Theatre. We are grateful for their support!

2017 First Light Series Plays

OLD FORWARD by Liz Dooley at Out Front Theatre Company

THAT WHAT BURIED by Amina McIntyre at the Alliance Theatre
buried-facebook-cover (1)

RED SNOW by Derek Dixon at Out Front Theatre Company
redsnow-facebook-eblast (1)

2016 First Light Series Plays

MEDUSA IN YOU by Valetta Anderson at the Alliance Theatre

RIGHT by Nedra Pezold Roberts at Synchronicity Theatre

THE RUT by Theroun D’Arcy Patterson at the Alliance Theatre

[SHAKESPEARE REFERENCE] by Paul Donnelly at Stage Door Players

THE MEANTIME by Jill Patrick at Actor’s Express

ANOTHER MOTHER by G.M. Lupo at Horizon Theatre Company