WTP 50 for 20 Fundraising Campaign!

WTP is Celebrating 20 years and Raising $50,000 in 2022-2023!

In addition to our core programing, the past 20 years have seen WTP:

 Launch a partnership with Theatrical Outfit, a prominent theatre nationally and regionally, leading to the yearly Unexpected Play Festival and our new home In Residence.

 Move from an all-volunteer organization to a nationally-recognized non-profit with a full-time staff.

 Experience the joy of seeing WTP-developed scripts produced and showcased throughout the world, including locally at the Alliance, Theatrical Outfit, Actors Express, Synchronicity, Essential and more.

 Initiate a partnership with Actors Express and Georgia Lawyers for the Arts, an acclaimed Courtroom Drama event, a continuing legal education fundraising events that was attended by more than 400 attorneys.

 Develop a ground-breaking Dramaturgy Intensive, a year-long rigorous academic
program designed to train the future generation of new play dramaturgs.  

 Become a leading light in the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion movement, hosting the first open city-wide training for the theatre community.

 Start an Apprentice program to serve the next generation of artistic leaders.

 Launch two scholarship programs for Black Playwrights in honor of Rosalind Ayres-Williams and Barbara Molette.